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Holding Secrets: Would you tell?

I don't know about you, but I like to know where I stand with people, I guess that is why I am so eager to make plain my feelings for another, and another, and so on. This past Memorial Day weekend, dear friends of mine came together at Kirby Cove to celebrate my bodacious brother from another mother Glenn's Birthday. It was truly a wonderful camping experience-- the first for me! Plenty of food, festivities, and photos. I took so many photos of my friends and the magnificent views from the quaint cove. I hope you have had an opportunity to enjoy some of the shots on . Taking the pictures was a relaxing exercise, and I was honored to document this gathering to celebrate life and nature with this beautiful man and his family. His wife, Karoline, really outdid herself with this party. It was fabulous!

I also spent some real quality time with my West coast bestie Reggie, and we shared so much in our tent palace rented from I told him about a disappointing exchange between a nameless friend of mine who saw my last boyfriend having an indiscretion (specifically an ex, before he was an ex, holding hands with Becky with good hair!). Now, since my break with him I learned on my own that he was a cheating F$&k, and I know witnessing someone else's business can put you in an uncomfortable position, however, I made it clear that I expected my friends to inform me of any betrayal by boyfriends. Especially, when what is witnessed is a clear violation of trust. Of course, Reggie agreed and is quite heated with nameless for now (please pray for her). I am hopeful he will simmer down, the nameless friend isn't awful really. We all approach these things differently, some delicately, and others abruptly. I have been known to rattle a cage or two-- so, after a bit of tude, I think going forward our expectations of each other are clear.

Later in the week, upon reflection, I noticed my feelings about the whole debacle have calmed, and I think so because... you never know why people feel the need to keep a secret. I imagine my cheating ex has a reason he couldn't just end the relationship and go about his way, and my nameless friend has their own reason too. I am grateful to leave more secrets behind me than are ahead, they only breed distrust, disappointments and pain. I hope they find a way to leave more secrets behind them than are ahead as well; and learn you can do without whatever you believe would be lost by holding secrets.

I wonder what do you think? Would you tell a friend if you witnessed an indiscretion by their partner? If, so are you the kind to state it plainly, or do you find creative ways to "hint" to your friend, they should take a deeper look into their relationship, or at least their partners phone?

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